Have Questions?

Lots of people do! Below are some of the most common customer and vendor questions, along with video tutorials when applicable.

For Buyers/Customers

This website is completly secured. Your information is not used for any purposes other than verifying you are a Hawken community member, sending email updates, and verifying your address so that you can recieve the products you buy!

This website is for hawken community members, by hawken community members. We do not want an outsider trying to buy or sell books on our site. For this reason, in order to purchase books from this website, you must create an account before purchasing books so that you can be verified by our team. You should be verified in less than 24 hours, and you will be contacted directly by our admin if there are issues with your verification.

This website is for Hawken community members, by Hawken community members. We do not want an outsider trying to buy or sell books on our site. If you submit an account request, you can look in your inbox for a confirmation in less than 24 hours. I hope that you understand, and we are sorry for the inconveniance.

The dollar book drive is an extention of Hawken Auction’s initiatve to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to buy the books that they need. If you have a special circumstance that makes it challenging for you or your family to buy books, then you are elligible to get a book for free from our library of donnated materials. See our Free Book Drive page for more information. 

This is a free delivery method in which you would meet your vendor to collect the books you purchased. You can also choose to pay for your purchase via cash when you meet. 

For Sellers/Vendors

That is perfectly okay! We just ask that you let customers know that there are annotations in the product description.

You will recieve an email from our website within 24 hours!

When you click the link from your verification email, you will be redirected to the store set up wizard. This page will also appear when you visit the website again and sign in. 

If you choose to complete the set up later, you can change everything in the settings section of your store dashboard at any time here

Four very things to set up before you post products: 

  1. Create a correct store name. It should be something along the lines of Firstname, Lastname, Class year. Example: John Smith 2021
  2. Add an image for your store. It is best for this to be an image of your face, as this will make your store seem more trustworthy. 
  3. Set up your payment method. You WILL NOT  recive the money you make from purchases if you do not set up your payment method via stripe in your store settings. 
  4. Set up your shipping method. If you do not choose a shipping method, people will not be able to purchase your products.

Click here for the set up page


CLICK HERE for the product posting page

(You can look for a video tutorial here soon)

Important note: 

For the first few weeks of the website’s operation, all products must be approved by the admin to ensure quality. Here is a list of required things for a product to pass the admin test: 

  1. The product is sold at a discount
  2. There is an image of the front and back of the book
  3. The condition attribute has been selected (you can find this option in a menu at the bottom of the page. Its icon is a snowflake)
  4. Your shipping is set up!

Set up your shipping HERE. if you do not set it up, the checkout page will display an error and no one will be able to purchase your items. 

If you are mailing out your products, we suggest that you use USPS media mail. 

Description from USPS: Media Mail® is a cost-effective way to send media and educational materials. This service has restrictions on the type of media that can be sent. Prices start at $2.80 at a Post Office.

All shipping methods are preset to  $3.00 to cover that cost. You can change this as you wish, but note that people may not buy your products if you have expensive shipping. Learn more about media mail HERE.

This is a free delivery method in which you would meet your customer to drop off books. Customers can also choose to pay you via cash when you meet. 

Question not answered above? Ask us directly: